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Choosing Gifts For a Passionate Photographer

 The world of photography has over-taken us since the advent of smart phones with built-in cameras now at our finger-tips.

 Remember when you had to load a spool of film into your camera?  You had maybe 24 or 36 shots available and then it was off to the chemist or the photography shop to get the film developed.

Even if every shot was a disaster, you still had to pay per exposure and it cost a fortune.

It sure made you try hard and to really focus on the end result, though – not like today where we pop off a dozen shots without much thought at all.

So with all of us shooting pics with abandon, it makes sense to think about gifts that come from the photographic world, especially as there is such a wide range of cameras and accessories available and there is something to suit everyone’s budget.

The reality is, many of us want more than the click of a mobile camera. We want the extra features that are available only on the real thing.


Fortunately, if you are thinking of surprising someone with a new camera, you will have an excellent choice. Think in terms of digital and video cameras, spy-cameras, security cameras, and instant cameras that use Instax film. (these are similar to the old Polaroids of the seventies).


Then there are ‘point and shoot’ cameras which are easy for children and newbies to use, and mirrorless cameras (which are light-weight and which offer improved focus and contrast) and DRONES for sky-photography. And Hurray! for toy cameras, sport and action cameras and SLR or MP digitals.


In a nutshell - digital cameras are HOT!

Now no one is saying that these come cheap and in fact you can expect to pay mega-dollars if you are looking for a top-of-the range item. Top quality specialist cameras are very expensive and this is reflected in the special features and the top quality technology that has gone into their development

Thankfully, there are less expensive digital cameras available which do a really good job, but even those can cost a few hundred dollars.



So why are we talking about this sort of product?

Well – camera buffs are crazy about ACCESSORIES. Masses of well-priced products of good quality that anyone can afford. And they love every one of them.

Here is where you can find a gift that is absolutely right for your photographic friend and you can buy it without blowing the budget.

Here is an example: A mini-tripod for cameras and mobile phones.

 Think of tripods, binoculars, special lenses, camera cases, light-boxes, scopes and lighting equipment (for the real keen players) Think of toy cameras, cameras for kids....

Or how about a cross-body pack for carrying your equipment around?


Here is a light-box and a camera cleaning kit. Always handy for keeping equipment ready for use.



And finally, let's not forget the kids. A toy camera that really works!




How cute are these wooden cameras for toddlers?


Finally, why not check out our store geargalleries, and see what we have to offer you?