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So...Check Our Celebrity Favourites for the First Half of 2017 - The Ones We Love

Wearing a cross continues to trend and seems as popular as ever. Here is our modern take on the style, an easily affordable option that allows anyone to follow celebrity fashion.



Not sure what Kim's cost, but ours is a available for £14.95

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Doesn't this look stunning? This variation on the traditional hoop really stands out.

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on


I'm betting that our price is less than Jlo paid. Our hoops cost just $12.95 (on sale)

hot hoop ear-ring

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This black choker has some sparkle that just completes the 'look'

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This one isn't quite the same, but it has the same stylish look at a great price.

black choker necklace

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Wow - look at those emeralds! OMG - I saw emeralds like that at the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul... Check out the chain - who knows if they are diamonds? 

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Well - the crystals in the chain below are definitely not diamonds, but they are very affordable indeed!



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