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About Us

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My name is Barbara and I welcome you to Geargalleries -  the best place online for sharp-witted opportunity shoppers just like you.

Many of us learn our skills in the traditional 'op-shops', shops set up to sell second-hand, donated goods to raise funds for a charity. The treasures to be found there are unbelievable, but not for us today.  

Instead, I have expanded the op-shopping horizon to include any super-stylish products which are sourced globally and which are affordably priced offering an exciting shopping 'opportunity' for everyone.

All my life, I have been an 'op' shopper. I simply love searching for interesting and unique items that combine style, passion and durability. 

From the modern, galleried mall you see above, to out-door markets, souks, charity shops and 'posh' shops - almost any kind of shop - through-out my travels I have seen my fair share of them all. Now the time has come for me to share my passion with fellow op-shoppers.

I will look anywhere in the world for 'op-shop' treasures, talk to local suppliers to make sure that product can get my seal of approval and do my best to offer them at a price that can't be beaten.

If you are an enthusiastic op-shopper like me then sign up for my newsletter to receive updates about new opportunities I have discovered and how they can benefit you. Also make sure to like our fan page on Facebook so we can interact and discuss anything related to the new 'opportunity shopping'!

And if you ever have any questions about me or any of the products feel free to reach out to me by phone or email.

Now - head back to the store and resume your opportunity shopping moment right now. 




       Shops come in all shapes and sizes!